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Domain Names

What is a domain name?
Do I need one?
How much will it cost me?

These are probably the three most asked questions when domain names are mentioned.

Website Design

Every website must reside on a computer that is permanently connected to the internet and each of these machines has a unique name in a numeric value. This is called the IP (internet protocol) address and usually take the form of 4 sets of numbers. For example, the IP address of this site is In simple terms, a domain name is an easier to remember version of this address which, when set up to resolve to a web site, replaces the IP address as far as the user is concerned.

Obviously most businesses want to have their company name reflected in the domain name of their site and quite rightly so as this is the easiest way to remember the site address. There can also be an argument made for registering a domain name which has relevance to your site if it will be easier to remember than the company name. For example a company called Drinskitrigilog Associates, which is a printing firm in Exmouth, may prefer to use the domain name exmouthprinters.com.

Domain names should be bought in the client's name NOT the name of the design or hosting company. Pole Position ALWAYS register domain names in the name of the client.

Something to bear in mind is that domain names are not owned but rather leased from the naming authorities and for this reason you should be aware of the annual renewal fees when registering.

Currently Pole Position are charging:

£25 for .co.uk names
£45 for .com names and
£99 for .uk.com names.
(Other extensions POA)

All prices are ex VAT and include registration and 2 years renewal fees. There are no hidden transfer fees for domain names purchased through Pole Position. Contact us for more details

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